Contact Coaches


High School
Head Coach Kent Weiler 608-469-5640
Booster Club Liaison Kevin Meicher 608-212-2348
High School Rep Kevin Meicher 608-212-2348

Middle School
Kromrey Head Coach Ben Vezzetti 608.228.6622
Kromrey Assistant Coach Tre Seals 608.228.5109
Glacier Creek Head Coach Joe Miller 608.444.5812

Lil' Cards-Introduction
Coach Todd Goldbeck 608-279-6960

Youth Program
Coach Kent Weiler 608-469-5640
Coach Joe Miller 608.444.5812
Coach Grant Sutter 608.577.8813
Coach Hawk - Jeff Hawkins 608.338.3389

MAWC Roles
President Lance Martin 307-760-9106
Vice President
Treasurer Mike Gall & Ben Falk 608-444-1715
Secretary & USAA Rep Joel Ellingson 410-562-4503
Past President Eric Hoffman
Web Site Administrator Mateo Silver
Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Liaison Kent Weiler 608-469-5640

Support the Middleton Wrestling area by volunteering. Contact any of the people located on this page or send an email through the "contact us" link located at the bottom of this web page.

Family Accounts Wrestlers and their family members have the option to earn money that will go into the wrestler's family account. Money can be earned by working the concession stand, helping with tournaments or meets, etc. To find out more, contact anyone listed above. To find out the balance of your family account, contact the MAWC treasurer. Money can be used to pay for Middleton wrestling programs, booster club membership, and equipment.